Cash Pop Numbers

Here are the latest winning Cash Pop numbers for Washington. The most recent result is displayed first, followed by the winning number for every draw in the last week. Drawings are held at 8pm (PT) every night.

Friday June 21st 2024
Thursday June 20th 2024

Wednesday June 19th 2024

Tuesday June 18th 2024

Monday June 17th 2024

Sunday June 16th 2024

Saturday June 15th 2024

How to Play

To play Cash Pop, simply choose one or more numbers from 1 to 15. Get a Quick Pick if you want a random selection, or even pick every number to ensure you receive a prize. Tickets cost $5 per number and must be purchased before 7:45pm.

WA Cash Pop Prizes and Odds

You win if the number you pick is the number that is drawn. However, there’s not one fixed prize for everyone. Instead, the computer system generates one of nine possible prize amounts and this is printed on your ticket. You can see how much you could win in the table below, along with the odds of winning each prize amount.

Prize Odds of Winning
$500 1 in 7,500
$250 1 in 4,500
$200 1 in 2,630
$125 1 in 675
$100 1 in 150
$70 1 in 120
$50 1 in 90
$35 1 in 75
$25 1 in 40